Aximion 3.0

Incorporates within itself aspects of the web and desktop UI paradigms
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Mightywill Labs

Aximion is the project that incorporates within itself important aspects of the web and desktop UI paradigms with 3D space into a completely new concept. It not only uses a well known UI element but also brings a new ideas like areas of interest, avatars and a new objects life-cycle. Desktops or area of interest are something like well known desktops but with ability to contain some kind of interactive elements - avatars, which can be customized in a very different ways. The name 'Avatar' was choosen because these elements act as a visual representation of some entity and this representation may vary. In these desktops user can put together different avatars which belong to a some particular area of interest, for example work project. A visual representation of avatars can be easily changed by a user and can be a simple line of text or icon as well as something like a minimalistic application - depending of what user needs.

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